About Us

Where Classic Meets Contemporary

At Swirlo, we understand the love affair between golf and style. The company was founded by Jay Tierney in Sonoma, CA - father of three children and a life-long golf enthusiast.  Jay's passion for golf ranges from playing competitively in his early days to just playing as much as possible with his kids or friends and having a good time.
Let's be honest, in today's world, there is no shortage of golf apparel companies vying for your attention. But here's where Swirlo steps in with a unique perspective.

Recognizing a Distinct Trend: A Golf Fashion Divide

Over time, we couldn't help but notice a distinct trend in the world of golf attire. The industry seemed to be divided into two camps: one championing the classic, traditional look, and the other embracing extremely loud and flashy designs.

While the classic look has timeless elegance, it often leaves enthusiasts wanting a bit more flair and modernity. On the flipside, the bold and boisterous designs, while attention-grabbing, sometimes miss the mark for those who appreciate the game's rich traditions.  While we aim to offer a variety of styles, on average our designs tend to bridge the gap between these two extremes.